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High Grade Scandinavian Timber

Tongue and groove throughout - walls, floor and roof!

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Superior Product Differences

10 year guarantee - high grade timber, toughened glass, and much more

The World's Most Adaptable Shed™

Modular flexibility - assemble the doors and windows in the configuration you want

Complete your garden

Our potting sheds can make a garden look beautiful – the quality is outstanding and the look and feel of the product has pleased many customers.

This is a high quality premium shed which will last a long time. The potting shed comes with toughened glass and two tier shelving.

Pent Potting Sheds

Our stunning range of pent potting sheds are made from high grade timber responsibly sourced from Scandinavia. The pent potting sheds are made with shiplap cladding which is a type of tongue and groove ensuring the timber lasts long and is not prone to warping. With toughened glass and two tier shelving with this potting shed as standard, this is a garden building which can be the cornerstone of your garden for years to come.

Apex Potting Sheds

With an apex potting shed, you will receive a pointed roof giving that extra bit of headroom down the centre of the potting shed. There are trusses in the apex potting shed to hold the roof up and ensure it does not sag over time. As with the pent potting sheds, the apex version also comes with toughened glass and two tier shelving. This is a truly fantastic long lasting product which is proving to be incredibly popular.

The World's Most Adaptable Shed™

The Power Potting Shed can be constructed how you want, where you can put the door on either end which you choose as you build. The part above the door is a separate component which allows you to do this. This potting shed can fit any garden

Looking for a potting shed? Get in touch

If you want a potting shed and not sure where to look, then please give us a call and we are more than happy to help. Our number is 01274 036 577 and our phonelines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.