Power Pent Shed

The world's most adaptable shed, the Power Pent, can built in any configuration you choose. Simply assemble the shed your own way putting the door and windows in any position on any side. We have redefined the garden shed.

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  • Double
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  • High Grade Scandinavian Timber
  • Convenient FREE Shipping & Returns
  • Superior Product Differences
  • The World's Most Adaptable Shed™

Our aim at Power is provide the UK’s best shed, making shopping for sheds stress free with unparalleled simplicity and customer experience.

  • Power 10 Year Guarantee

    Every Power pent garden shed is built to last. All Power Sheds from the PowerSheds.com website or through an approved Power retailer comes with a free 10 year guarantee, against timber rot, decay or insect infestation.

  • Scandinavian Timber

    We source only the finest high grade timber available, suitable for a pent garden shed. The timber is responsibly imported from forests in Scandinavia in line with our sustainability policy. We select slow-grown timber which means the timber is stronger and resistant to warping.

  • Adaptable Configuration

    You can choose where you want the door and window as you assemble it, allowing the shed to fit your garden and be the last shed you'll ever have to buy. This really is the world's most adaptable shed.

  • Tongue & Groove Throughout

    All Power sheds are made from 12mm thick shiplap tongue and groove timber. Even the floor and roof are 12mm tongue and groove to give extra strength and durability. Shiplap cladding has the additional feature of a small profile at the top of each board. This little channel, allows water to run off the shed quicker than normal tongue and groove. This also helps the shed dry quickly after exposure to rain, helping to protect it from any water damage.

  • Heavy Duty Framing

    The framing on this pent shed is 44x28mm and rounded at each corner to give a stunning finish. The panels are screwed together and so when joined it creates double strength 44x56mm thick framing.

  • Additional Height

    This pent shed really is something our competitors look up to with it being that extra bit taller to give you ample headroom inside.

  • Toughened Glass

    Any Power Pent shed with windows come with toughened safety glass as standard. The toughening process improves the structural durability and thermal strength of the glass, in turn increasing its resilience and ability to withstand heat. Toughened glass is 500% more resistant to heat and shock than ordinary glass. The glass is already internally beaded so you don't have to fit the glass yourself and PVC sills complete the window units to stop water ingress and provide a stunning finish.

  • Galvanised Ironmongery

    All Power Pent sheds come with galvanised hinges, turn buttons and door pull so the shed lasts longer and minimises oxidisation. Galvanising is a coat with a protective layer of zinc in order to protect it from rust and other damage.

  • Corner Bracing

    Internal corner bracing has been added to every wall panel to maximise strength and rigidity.

  • Premium 'Super' Felt

    The pent shed is complete with a high performing waterproof felt with special 'polyester' backing ensuring it lasts longer and doesn't ripple or tear easily. The felt is saturated with a protective coating called bitumen (asphalt), which repels water but still allows the product to breathe.

  • Advanced Preserver

    Our special formula wood preserver has a wax additive allowing you to go a WHOLE YEAR without the need to retreat your shed. However, it is water based and has just the right amount of wax so that if you want to paint the shed a different colour, you can. At Power we dip treat shed panels into a tank of preservative fully submerging the panel into the treatment. All surfaces are thoroughly immersed before being removed and dried.

  • Secure Press Lock and Key

    All Power sheds come with a pre-fitted press lock and key to maximise security and give you the confidence that your garden belongings are stored securely away.

The World’s Most Adaptable Shed™

Arrange this pent shed how you want as you assemble it. Power adapts to your garden. This may be the last shed you'll ever have to buy.

Put the door where you want. Put the windows where you want.

Technical Details

  • Timber

    High grade, slow grown Scandinavian softwood

  • Timber Size


  • Framing

    Superior rounded four corner framing

  • Framing Thickness

    44x28mm doubled up to create 44x56mm

  • Roof & Floor

    High grade, tongue and groove Scandinavian softwood

  • Roof & Floor Thickness


  • Door

    Well braced tongue and groove door with press lock and key

  • Door Size

    Single - 750x1630mm
    Double - 1034x1630mm

  • Window

    Toughened safety glass with PVC sills

  • Window Size


3 Step Delivery Process

Choose delivery day

In the checkout process you can select the day you want your shed to arrive.

Shed arrives on a pallet

Your shed will arrive on a pallet on the day specified.

Unload shed for assembly

Each component can be unloaded safely from the pallet ready to assemble.

What should my Power shed go on?

All garden sheds must be assembled on a firm and level base to give the shed a solid foundation and maximise the longevity of the building. Without a firm and level base, you may find that the shed can drop out of square causing issues with the doors not closing properly or the roof twisting potentially leading to water ingress. This is not included with a Power shed.

What our customers are saying...
(taken from TrustPilot)


    Robin Marshall Ball - Power Pent Shed

    I'm not usually prone to using superlatives in my internet dealings, but in your case I must! Of all the sheds we have built in the past few years (in my previous house) your shed is by a quantum leap the best we've seen. The thought that has gone into the design, the quality of the materials, the finishing of each panel, and the excellent packaging for transit has left me very impressed indeed. In addition, your excellent and prompt communication, and your detailed assembly instructions (including a free drill bit!!) has set a standard by which my previous shed suppliers should be judged, and they have failed conspicuously! Thank you for your rapid service and most excellent product. You have a very happy customer who will sing your praises to anyone showing the merest interest in purchasing a shed!

    Stuart - Great Shed, Great Price

    Discussed shed with Jack at Power Sheds. Very helpful. Ordered without any issues. Simple as there are no options apart from size, single or double doors and windows or not! The other shed I was looking at was almost twice the price with loads of options. Delivery was very quick. Assembly was straightforward and as the panels are modular, you can decide the layout as you go. I’ve gone for the 16x6 ft shed and is very solid. Would definitely recommend Power Sheds. Great price, service and quality. Thanks

    Jamie Magee - Excellent quality shed for the price

    Excellent quality shed for the price, great communication when I enquired. A hassle free purchase easy to assemble with good instructions would highly recommend. Makes a great addition to the garden!

    Tim Dockerty - Value for money

    It's always a gamble buying online, however burying from Power Sheds has been a pleasant experience. From the initial order, payment, communication, delivery & finally the build I cannot fault them. The versatility & quality of the product for the price is superb value for money. Highly recommended