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27 Mar, 20
Shed Felt Buyers Guide

Types of Roofing Felt for Sheds There are many types of shed felt which differ in price and quality, but what’s the best roofing felt for sheds? We’ve compiled a list of…

14 Feb, 20
Allotment waiting lists

Over 90,000 people are waiting for an allotment – with Cumbria having the longest waiting list. Residents in Cumbria face the longest wait to secure a council managed allotment site, a survey…

8 Feb, 20
What Are Knot Holes in Wood?

Knots in wood are most likely something we’ve all come across at some time or another. In fact, they can be one of the defining characteristics of a piece of wood that…

2 Feb, 20
Making a garden shed door

This is a short video of one of our expert manufacturers, Beki, making a shed door. Beki is using a nail gun which fires out nails with the use of a compressor….