What Garden Features Add Value to Your Property?

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When it comes to selling your property, first impressions count, as it’s said that buyers normally make their minds up about a property within the first 10 seconds of viewing it. A well-kept, maintained, presentable garden area is an opportunity to create a stunning impression and simultaneously add value to your property.

But what garden features add the most value? Homeowners need to make the most of their garden area, maximising the space they have on their property and providing both an aesthetically pleasing and useful space.


How Much Does a Shed Add to Property Value?

A shed or garden building, such as a log cabin, is the ideal way to add property value through your garden. We know what you’re thinking, of course we’d say that, but it’s honestly true!



According to research from sellhousefast.uk, experts in the industry such as estate agents, landlords and garden designers have revealed that the feature that adds the most value to a property is a good, well-built garden shed. In fact, 82% of the industry have claimed it’s the best way to increase your property value in terms of garden features.

Homebuyers tend to place a lot of importance on storage; therefore, a shed, garage or any other outbuilding can be a real positive when looking to sell or add value to your home. A shed can store garden equipment, tools and furniture safely and securely, keeping your garden free from clutter and your possessions nicely stowed away. According to Martin McCreath, Regional Managing Director for Your Move, a good quality shed can add 10% to the value of a property.


What Features Add Value to a Home Through the Garden?

Your shed or garden building may well be the focal point of your garden, but there are plenty of other garden improvements that add value and make your home more appealing to potential buyers.


A garden with a wooden decking


1. Patio or Decking

Over the last few years, circumstances have meant that many more people are socialising at home. Whether that’s enjoying a family BBQ or having guests over, this means that space for entertaining is key for many buyers and can really bring up the value of your home. Having this type of space practically doubles the living area of your home, especially in the summer months.


A garden fence bordering a garden


2. Fencing

Privacy is incredibly important to many people who want to feel like their garden is simply an extension of the home and not overlooked by neighbours. Having a good, well-kept fence means that your garden will not only feel more private but will look clean and tidy. Fences can also be a big investment, something that could easily play on a potential buyer’s mind if they’re keen to add one when they move in.


A water feature situated in a garden


3. Water Feature

For those wondering ‘do water features add value to a home?’, the simple answer is yes! A water feature is a perfect way to make your home stand out from others and add a touch of bespoke class. The sound of water creates a peaceful ambience within the garden, making it even more appealing. What’s more, a water feature, such as a pond, can be added relatively cheaply if you’re on a budget, or you can splash out on something much more elaborate.


A garden lawn with healthy grass


4. Lawn or Artificial Grass

For many people, a garden is a place where you can surround yourself with greenery and nature. The lawn is a prominent part of the garden, so maintaining it is important for making your house saleable. Having trouble keeping your grass healthy? Artificial grass has risen in popularity in recent years and offers a great alternative for those areas with little sunlight or liable to waterlogging.


An evergreen lavender plant potted in a garden.


5. Add Mature Plants

A big plus for many people buying a house is a garden that looks ‘finished’. Adding some mature plants in there is a great way to achieve this and ensure your garden looks just as well-decorated as your home. A simple solution is to plant evergreen plants such as azalea or lavender, or you could invest in a bigger statement piece for your garden such as bamboo or a fruit tree. These additions add a lot more colour to your garden and, if you do choose to sell, give potential buyers more than a blank canvas to look at.


Garden lighting illuminates an outdoor decking area


6. Install Outdoor Lights

With outdoor entertaining in gardens more popular than ever, installing some outdoor lighting can be a great way to help uplift those garden spaces and add value and saleability to your home. Solar lights are a great, cost-effective way to achieve this, with plenty of options available across a range of budgets. From lanterns to string lights, they’re the perfect way to set an evening ambience and add value to your garden.


A garden pergola providing a focal point


7. Provide a Unique Selling Point

Many house buyers will have a long list of properties that they’ve looked at, meaning you need something special to set your home apart from the competition. The garden is the ideal place to put something unique that others just can’t match, and where you can use the space you’ve got to its maximum potential. Whether it’s a deck, a shed, pergola, even a hot tub or something else, this is the place to make the most of your property.


Patio furniture placed in an outdoor entertaining area


8. Utilise Patio Furniture

You might be planning to take your patio furniture with you as and when you move, however, it can still add value to your home and help sell it. Invest in some nice patio furniture that helps set your garden up as the perfect relaxing and social space, which gives potential buyers a real-life view of how they could enjoy the garden if they purchased your home.


Maintenance is Key

Keeping your garden area clean and maintained is important. After all, your garden is always growing and is constantly exposed to the elements. This means keeping on top of jobs such as painting your shed, fence and decking when needed (we’d recommend on an annual basis.

Grass, weeds, lichen and moss can grow rapidly in the British weather if not well maintained, so get the garden tools out of your shed and clean your patio and driveway area to keep your property looking at its best.


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