What garden features add value to your property?

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When it comes to selling your property, first impressions count, it’s said that buyers normally make their mind up about a property with the first 10 seconds of viewing the property. A well-kept, maintained, presentable garden area adds value to your property.

But what features add the most value? Home owners need to make the most of their garden area, maximising the space of the garden.

Experts in the industry such as estate agents, landlords and garden designers have revealed that the feature that adds the most value to a property is a good, well-built garden shed. In fact 82% of the industry have claimed it’s the best way to increase your property value in terms of garden features.

This is because a shed can store a lot of garden equipment, tools and furniture safe and securely, it also keeps the garden area from looking untidy and cluttered. The extra space and security is key!

Followed closely on the list was a quality patio area and driveway, these are normally the first things a potential buyer will see when first visiting the property. A new resin driveway for example would really impress a potential buyer, especially if off street parking is an issue.

Spending more time in your garden

With the current situation of covid-19 more and more people are spending time in their gardens making the most of the sunshine and later evenings. So keeping your garden area clean and maintained is important, not just from making sure the garden looks its best but from a safety issue.

Grass, weeds, lichen and moss can grow rapidly in the British weather if not well maintained, so get the garden tools out of your shed and clean your patio and driveway area, keep the value of your property at its full potential.

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