Top 5 Instagram Allotment Accounts

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Allotment Top 5 Instagram

Need some inspiration for your allotment? We searched far and wide to find allotment Instagram accounts that are popular, unique and captivating. Take a look at these top influencers that could help you take your allotment to the next level.


1. The Essex Allotment


Our favourite up and coming allotment instagram account! Alex, who runs the Essex Allotment account, shares his allotment journey with useful hints and tips. Follow this account to watch live interviews with other experienced allotmenteers or advise and inspiration on his youtube channel. Alex has also done some great charity work for Thrive, the gardening health charity, by helping create an Allotmenteers of Insta Charity Calendar which can be purchased.




2. Hayley's Lottie Haven


We love Hayley's page - she's very popular on Instagram with over 60,000 followers and we can see why! Hayley's content heavily features an ex battery hen called Olive and promotes sustainability and self-sufficiency. She has some fantastic posts and stories and her page is certainly worth a follow.


3. My Little Allotment


Created by Kirsty Ward, @my_little_allotment is a must follow if you're seeking inspiration on organic allotment and vegetable gardening. Including snippets and videos of her plot and produce, you instantly feel more connected to a community of likeminded allotmenteers.


4. Rob's Allotment


Created by author and columnist Rob Smith, this instagram account shares snippets of Rob's enthusiasm for allotments and growing your own. Whatever you read or watch online about allotments, Rob's name constantly pops up.

Robs Allotment


5. Two Guys, One Allotment


Although only with a small following so far, this upcoming allotment page produces great regular content and you feel an instant connection with the two guys growing their own. Committed to recycling and re-using, this page will provide some great inspiration for anyone new to allotments.

Two guys allotment