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At Power Sheds, we want you to enjoy your garden by letting you securely store your garden tools, lawn mower and furniture safely away. We have a number of options for you to choose from and have simplified it so much that shopping for an 8×6 or a 6×8 wooden shed is stress free. If you choose one of the 8 x 6 sheds above you’ll find they are adaptable allowing you to assemble in the configuration you want. The door can go on the 6ft end or the 8ft side, left or right. Our tall 8×6 garden sheds for sale offer that extra head room required to stand comfortably inside.

All of our garden buildings at Power Sheds are completely tongue and groove – we only offer 8×6 tongue and groove sheds and would never sell inferior or cheap overlap or ‘budget’ board. Shiplap, which is a form of tongue and groove, means the boards come with a profile at the top which stops rainwater running into the shed providing that extra performance and longevity.

8x6 Pent Garden Sheds

Our pent garden sheds have a flat sloping roof which offers a contemporary look and feel but still allowing great height throughout the whole shed. The roof slopes which allows the rainwater to run off. Our 8x6 pent sheds allow you to put the door on any of the four sides which you can do whilst you build the shed using the instructions and fixings supplied. This is acheived by the top part of the high side and the top angled part on the 6ft gable ends being separate components.

8x6 Apex Garden Sheds

Our apex sheds come with a pointed roof giving extra height in the centre of the shed. There are roof trusses in our apex sheds which ensures the roof remains strong and does not sag which you see on many other sheds. As with all of our sheds, it is an adaptable modular shed where the door can be positioned on any of the four sides which you choose when you erect the shed. The shed is additionally tall inside but still under 2.5m which minimises the likelihood you require any form of planning permission.

The World's Most Adaptable Shed™

The doors and windows can be positioned on any side which you can choose as you assemble the shed.

The UK's No.1 Most Awarded Garden Shed

A lot of research goes into manufacturing our sheds. So, we’re extremely proud that our garden sheds are the UK’s most-awarded shed in 2020. We received this title thanks to numerous independent and unbiased consumer associations and testing facilities agreeing that the Power Sheds are of the very best on the UK market.