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16x8 garden sheds for sale direct from the manufacturer

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Our 16×8 wooden sheds offer a great option for any larger garden providing an ideal space for storage, hobbies and more. Choose from a wide array of delivery options with free three day delivery or even next day delivery when possible.

Every 16×8 garden shed comes with a press and lock key to provide extra security so you can be confident your contents are safe

16x8 garden sheds

Our range of 16x8 garden sheds provides that additional large storage space you need whether it's being used as a workshop oradditional storage facility. The doors can be either single or double and you can choose to have the large shed with or without windows. The 16x8 shed is completely adaptable with the ability for you to choose the position of the doors and windows as you assemble it. All of our 16x8 sheds are delivered on two pallets and so they are sent through a reliable pallet delivery network. This means delivery is fast and convenient as you can choose your own delivery date. Our 16x8 sheds are all wooden made with high quality and high grade timber which has been sourced sustainably and responsibly. If you are looking for a 16x8 shed then there should be one here which is right for you.

Toughened glazing with PVC sills

Any 16x8 shed which comes with windows have high quality toughened glazing as standard. This not only ensures safety but durability - the glass is very difficult to break when footballs are flying around in your background for example! It gives you the extra security and peace of mind you need that your belongings are safe and secure. There is then a PVC sill which runs at the bottom of each window pane to hold the glass into place and minimise the chance that rainwater can run down the glass and into the shed which so many other shed manufacturers have failed to manage or find a solution for this. This is an innovative window design which is ideal for 16x8 garden sheds with windows.

Galvanised ironmongery as standard

All of our sheds, including our range of 16x8 wooden sheds, come with galvanised ironmongery as standard. This meansthat these parts of the shed are protected from bad weather for a sustained period of time. The shed comes with galvanised hinges, door pull and turn buttons - and double doors come with a shoot bolts on the back of the doors to hold them into place. This further displays the outstanding quality of our premium range of sheds and is another reason why we stand out in the crowded shed marketplace.

High grade Scandinavian timber

The 16x8 garden sheds are made from a high grade timber, imported responsibly and sustainably from Scandinavia. As the timber is slow grown, the rings of the timber are closer together. The importance of this is that it means the timber is stronger and less likely to warp and twist over time. Many shed manufacturers purchase fast grown timber (which is cheaper) and although it's difficult to tell when looking at sheds, you can find over time that timber starts to move, twist and warp and there is little you can do to stop it. It also means there will be fewer knots and splits in our timber than what you would find from other shed manufacturers due to the fact we are prepared to spend a little more for quality and longevity.

The World's Most Adaptable Shed™

The doors and windows on our 16x8 wooden shed range can be positioned on any side which you can choose as you build the shed.

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