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Showing 1–16 of 24 results

Showing 1–16 of 24 results

12x6 garden sheds direct from the manufacturer


Power Sheds Home > Garden Sheds > 12×6 Garden Sheds

Find an adaptable, multipurpose 12×6 shed in our collection. Our apex or pent sheds have a spacious interior for garden tools, equipment, and supplies so you can keep your garden looking tidy and free from clutter. We make all our sheds with quality and longevity in mind. That’s why we use high-grade timber, polyester roof felt and a special wood preserver to keep your shed looking its best all year round. You can also use our spacious 12×6 garden sheds as a workshop for DIY projects you can’t do in the house. The extra thick cladding and toughened glass are designed to keep the inside of your shed warm and dry. Come rain or shine; a new 12×6 shed will keep your lawnmower, furniture, and tools safe and secure no matter the season.

Make your garden look great

Your garden can really be the envy of your neighbours with a 12x6 shed from Power Sheds. We offer 12x6 sheds in both apex and pent roof styles with either a single door or double doors, or windows or windowless. There really should be a 12x6 shed for you from our range.

What makes a quality 12x6 garden shed?

Power Sheds are like no other. There are are number of reasons why a shed is considering to be a high quality, but two attributes stand out as the most important factors to look out for. The first is the cladding type and the second is the thickness of the framing,

Shiplap cladding

There are number of clading types available including shiplap cladding, overlap cladding and loglap cladding. Each comes with their benefits. However, our expert and experienced management team have made the decision that we only want to supply shiplap cladding. Shiplap is a tongue and groove board which interlocks to the board above and below. We have chosen not to supply overlap shed cladding, where each boards overlaps the board beneath (like a fence panel) as this is very prone to warping. We have chosen not to supply loglap cladding as we feel it allows water to run down the board and into the join between each board which can be detrimental to the quality and longevity of the board and timber. Shiplap actually has a profile at the top of each board which ensures the rainwater runs off, protecting the timber for the long term.

Shed framing

The second important aspect for a high quality 12x6 shed when shopping is around is the framing. Framing gives the strength to the shed - therefore look at the framing thickness when comparing shed brands. Our framing is 44x28mm but we have a lot of framing in our panels including bracing in the corners, providing extra strength. Plus, when the modular sections are joined this actually creates double thickness framing at 56x44mm... and you won't get a much thicker stronger framing on a shed than that!

The Power brand

Our brand has become synonymous with a much simpler approach for both purchasing and customising a shed which allows for both versatility as well as assurances on a high quality and functional end-product. While many of our most prominent competitors pride themselves in a million and one ways a shed can be customised – we found our niche in doing the exact opposite. Though choice can be a valuable resource, we found large volumes of customers getting bogged down in the enormity of choices available for sheds which, when coupled with a general understanding of what’s best for a robust unit, has led to decreased levels of confidence in the end-customer. We overcome this with minimising the level of customisation to a handful of key decisions which help the buyer to customise a relatively standardised and robust product. The sheds are manufactured as a modularised product, which is then delivered to you to assemble the shed. The modular units allow for a very simple build process which is incredibly easy to understand, resilient, and also cost-competitive for the quality that you actually get.

The World's Most Adaptable Shed™

Our 12x6 sheds come in modular sections. Therefore the 12ft front comes in three 4ft panels and they can be placed in any order you want - you choose this as you assemble the shed. The 4ft double panel, whether it is a single door or a double door, can be placed in any position - on any side. If you look at the 6ft gable end, the top of that panel, whether it's a pent or an apex, is a separate piece. The top of the panel on the high side is also a separate component. This therefore allows the panels to be configured in any way which you choose when you are putting the shed together. This really is The World's Most Adaptable Shed™.

Have any questions? Get in touch

Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions - please use the phone number at the top of the website or use the contact us page to send us an email. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 4.30pm. We will always be happy to help - before or after a sale.
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