Award Winning Garden Sheds: The UK's No.1 Most Awarded Garden Shed

Thinking about purchasing from Power? A lot of research goes into manufacturing our sheds. So, we’re extremely proud that our garden sheds are the UK’s most-awarded shed in 2020. We received this title thanks to numerous independent and unbiased consumer associations and testing facilities agreeing that the Power Sheds are of the very best on the UK market.



The Number 1 Best Shed According To Real Homes


"The advanced features of this shed will definitely appeal to someone who's looking for a shed that will last them many years – perhaps even a lifetime."



2020 Great British Entrepreneur Award for 'Disruptor of the Year' (North West) - Winner

"The category looked for purpose-driven pioneers of change who spot the gaps and problem areas in markets to bring solutions that make our lives better - someone who brings unique, alternative products and practices that improve their sector and disrupt the status quo."


2020 Design & Build Award for 'Excellence in Shed Design & Manufacturing' - Winner


"The Design & Build Awards were created to provide recognition and endorsement to the most high-performing companies within the architecture, construction, building, and interior design sectors. Each recipient is specially selected using a strictly merit-based process of research and analysis"



2020 eBay Award for Innovation - Winner

"The branding, photography and feel of the business has also been done to such a high standard, with the eBay store looking really clean and simple to understand."


2020 SME National Business Award for 'Best New Business' - Finalist

"The SME National Business Awards provide a credible opportunity to support and share in our vision to raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and enterprising SME’s Nationally."


2020 Lloyds Bank National Business Award for 'Best New Business' - Winner

"An exceptional growth story; a business with an innovative product tapping into a lucrative market: a clear winner."


2020 Corporate LiveWire Prestige Award for 'Outdoor Living New Business of the Year' - Winner


"The Corporate LiveWire Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized enterprises consisting of localised businesses and sole traders that have thrived in their highly competitive community and have proven their success during the past 12 months."



2020 Best 'Mid-Range' Wooden Bike Shed from - Winner


"If you want a top quality wooden shed that will last for many years if properly cared for and you're prepared to put in a little effort to boost the security, then the Power sheds are a fantastic choice."