Allotment waiting lists

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Over 90,000 people are waiting for an allotment - with Cumbria having the longest waiting list.

Residents in Cumbria face the longest wait to secure a council managed allotment site, a survey has revealed.

Garden shed manufacturers, Power Sheds, sent freedom of information requests to all councils in the UK asking for the number of people waiting for each allotment. One allotment, Bushy Park in Richmond upon Thames, has a staggering 637 people waiting for a plot.

Over 90,000 people are on a waiting list for one of the 300,000 council owned allotments in the UK.

Brandon Attack of Power Sheds said: “We have seen a trend with more and more urban gardeners wanting to get into growing fashionable foods such as chillies and sweet potatoes.

“With garden space at a premium, I guess this comes at no surprise that people are trying to find some additional space to grow their own fruit and vegetables.”


The most in-demand allotment plots in 2019:

Areas in West London top the allotment waiting lists, with Bushy Park and St Anns & Westfield plots seeing waiting lists of 637 and 560. Unfortunately if you live in this area, the allotment life might not be for you!

County Allotment Name Waiting List
London Bushy Park 637
London St Anns & Westfield 560
Hampshire Milton Piece 559
London Manor Road 481
London Beatrix Potter 400
London Sixth Cross Road 399
London Old Palace Lane 383
London Heath Gardens 375
London Newham - 1 322
London Newham - 2 321


The highest average waiting times per county for an allotment:

By county, you may struggle if you live in Cumbria to get your desired allotment plot, with allotments, Walney and Roose topping the wait lists, both standing at around 300.

County Country Average Waiting List
Cumbria England 180
County Down Northern Ireland 146
South Lanarkshire Scotland 113
Dunbartonshire Scotland 103
Dorset England 90
Durham England 84
Lancashire England 60
Devon England 59
County Antrim Northern Ireland 58
London England 54


The shortest allotment waiting lists per county:

Allotment waiting lists are all about supply and demand. You are in luck if you fancy having your own allotment and live in the following places in the UK:

County Country Average Waiting List
Argyll and Bute Scotland 0
Roxburgh Scotland 0
County Tyrone Northern Ireland 1
Worcestershire England 2
Suffolk England 2
Torfaen Wales 2
Angus Scotland 3
Ceredigion Wales 4
Moray Scotland 5
Ayrshire and Arran Scotland 5


About the research:
Data for allotment waiting lists was collected through freedom of information (FOI) requests sent through to all county councils in the United Kingdom. The waiting lists counts are collected from October 2019, providing an indicator of the waiting list you would expect to join if applying for an allotment. 

The data breaks down waiting lists from 199 towns in the UK, made up of 71 unique counties. Of 3184 total allotments in the UK, data was successfully collected for 2998 (94%).

Download the dataset below:


About Power Sheds:
Power Sheds was born in February 2019 by entrepreneurs Jack Sutcliffe and Simon Hobson. Rapid growth has seen Power Sheds named in the Top 3 ‘Start-ups to watch’ by The Sunday Times as well as being awarded the ‘number 1 best shed’ from Real Homes.