How to Make a Shed Door


At Power Sheds, we’re proud to manufacture absolutely every part of your new shed at our factory. This means that everything from making a garden shed door through to the packaging up your shed is done by one of our highly skilled Power Sheds team, assuring quality across the board. After all, your shed door plays an extremely important role in the overall look, convenience and security of your garden shed.

Whether it’s a door for one of our Apex or Pent Sheds, or a Power Bike Shed, the same love and attention goes into the building of every single one of our shed doors. To give you an insight into the processes for building one of our sheds, we’ve created this article to show you exactly how to make a garden shed door the Power Sheds way.


Making a Garden Shed Door

All of our sheds are made using only the finest European high-grade timber and involve a rigorous manufacturing process that ensures that every single shed door that comes with a Power Shed is of the highest standard. Here are the steps we follow to make sure your shed door arrives in the best possible condition:

  1. One of our expert manufacturers will begin the build by laying out the internal frame of the door to our specification, ensuring the angles are all correct to provide structural integrity and consistency.
  2. Once the frame is perfectly in place, the manufacturer will put each of the boards into place.
  3. Using a nail gun and a compressor, the boards will then be nailed onto the horizontal parts of the frame. A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume.
  4. The next step is to use wooden guides that allow the manufacturer to nail the boards onto the diagonal parts of the frame for added security and structural integrity.
  5. Next, the door hinges and brackets are screwed into the door to prepare it for hanging once it’s delivered.
  6. Finally, our manufacturer will drill a hole into the door ready for the lock to be fitted.

The process of making a garden shed door is just like any of our processes at Power Sheds, putting quality at the forefront of all manufacturing.


How to Make a Shed Door Video

Want to know more about making a garden shed door at Power Sheds? Don’t just read about it, let us show you. Here’s a short video of one of our expert manufacturers, Beki, making a shed door.



At Power Sheds, we’re passionate about ensuring quality always comes first in our manufacturing process. By the time your new shed arrives, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than installing your shed and enjoying it.