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  • High Grade Scandinavian Timber

    Tongue and groove floor and roof on every building!

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    Super fast free delivery

  • Superior Product Differences

    10 year guarantee - high grade timber, toughened glass, and much more

  • The World's Most Adaptable Shed™

    Modular flexibility - assemble the doors and windows in the configuration you want

Showing 1–16 of 20 results

Showing 1–16 of 20 results

16x4 wooden sheds direct from the manufacturer

Power Sheds Home > Garden Sheds > 16×4 Garden Sheds

Our range of 16×4 sheds are fit for a range of purposes. Their size makes them the perfect storage solution for gardening supplies like shovels, rakes, garden hoes and lawnmowers, keeping everything in a dry, accessible location for when you need them. You can also use your new 16×4 shed as a workshop for DIY projects you can’t do in the house. All our 16×4 sheds are made to be durable and weather resistant. We use high-grade Scandinavian timber with a 10-year guarantee, toughened glass and a special preservative to keep your shed looking its best all year round. We offer free delivery to most areas in the UK. Select a delivery date in the checkout process and we will take care of the rest.

Disruptor of the Year

Now in its eighth year, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards in partnership with Starling Bank celebrate the hard work and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs in the UK, rather than the business’ balance sheet. The category looked for purpose-driven pioneers of change who spot the gaps and problem areas in markets to bring solutions that make our lives better – someone who brings unique, alternative products and practices that improve their sector and disrupt the status quo. With Covid-19 restrictions preventing the regional finals taking place at a live event, we won the award during a virtual award ceremony joined by finalists across every region. In a video message to finalists, chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “Entrepreneurs have shown they stay strong, even during a global pandemic. Coronavirus hasn’t stifled enterprise. “Entrepreneurs are creating new businesses and adapting to the crisis, as seen in this year’s entries. And that’s what we need to happen if we want our economy to bounce back. We need all of you to keep inventing, keep taking risks, keep creating new businesses.”

16x4 Wooden Sheds

It takes more than an idea and a few plants to create a lovely backyard retreat. Maintaining and planting your garden requires a lot of effort, which means you'll need a variety of tools and materials to get the job done. Shovels, rakes, garden hoes, lawn mowers, snow blowers (in the winter), bags of soil, clay pots, plastic pots, you name it, it all needs to be stored. Nothing spoils a lovely backyard like a jumble of tools or dirt bags strewn about in a corner or on the lawn. Our wonderfully made 16x4 garden sheds, which are designed to keep your belongings while still looking excellent, could be the solution to your problem. 

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. This is achieved by heating regular glass at high temperatures and then cooling very quickly making it tougher and up to 500% more resistant to heat and shock than ordinary glass. Should toughened glass break, it will break into small pieces which is far safer than other types of glass. The aim of the toughening process is to improve the structural durability and thermal strength of the glass, in turn increasing its resilience and ability to withstand heat. Any 16x4 Power shed ordered with windows comes with toughened glass as standard. 

The UK's Most Awarded Garden Shed Company

As well as being Disruptor of the Year, Power Sheds have won multiple national shed awards from innovation to customer service.

Fast delivery

Delivery is fast and free to UK mainland. Simply choose the delivery date when orderuing your 16x4 wooden shed in the checkout process.