Bespoke Log Cabins

Bespoke Log Cabins by Power Sheds

At Power Sheds, we understand that every individual has unique needs and visions for their space. That’s why we proudly introduce our bespoke log cabins – tailor-made to meet your specific requirements and aesthetics.


Why Choose Power Sheds’ Bespoke Log Cabins?

Custom Design: From compact cabins to expansive spaces, we craft cabins in the dimensions you desire.

Quality Materials: Whether it’s a 28mm or 44mm log cabin you require, we’ve got you covered. Choose between timber or the modern touch of uPVC for doors and windows – either way, our materials promise longevity and style.

Add-on Features: Customise with additional doors or windows (or even additional height!), making your log cabin as functional as it is beautiful.

16x12 Power Apex Log Cabin

How It Works:

Initial Consultation: Drop us an email at with your ideas or requirements. If you can provide a rough line drawing this would be even better, but don’t worry if you can’t! Our experienced team will be happy to discuss your options and provide a tailored quote for you.

Drawing and Dimensions: Once you’ve placed your order, our design team will create a detailed drawing for you, ensuring every dimension aligns with your vision. You can also order a drawing before you order your cabin if you want to have a look before you buy.

Material Selection: Choose between our high-quality timber or uPVC doors and windows. *uPVC only available on our 44mm models.

Final Approval: Once you’re satisfied with the design and details, we’ll move forward with crafting your personalised log cabin. All our cabins are manufactured to order, to ensure you get nothing but the best quality!


Whether it’s a home office, a tranquil retreat, or a functional workshop, our bespoke log cabins transform your vision into a tangible reality. Entrust Power Sheds with your dream, and we promise a creation that stands the test of time.

Get in touch! Email us to start the process at – or call us on 01274 036 577.