What is tanalised timber?

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Tanalised timber has been impregnated with wood preservative under high vacuum pressure in an industrial vessel. This process guarantees the preservative reaches cells throughout the timber for long-lasting protection against wood decay and insect attack. The process gives the tanalised timber a slight green hue.

Power Base Kits

At Power all our base kits are made up of tanalised timber delivering a solid and lasting foundation for your garden shed.


Is a pressure treated shed any good? Why you should be careful when buying a pressure treated shed?

You need to be careful if you purchased a shed which is tanalised. If a company offers pressure treated sheds then it will generally be full 3m packs of timber they pressure treat. This timber is then cut down into smaller boards for the shed panels. This could be 8ft boards, 4ft boards, small boards to go next to the door or window for example. Every one of these boards which have been cut (at both ends) will have an untreated end grain which is not treated or protected. This is the easiest part of timber, with it being cut, for water to get into. Some companies (although very few) paint the ends green to hide it. They paint the facias (not with a preserver) so they are the same green colour.. but it does mean important parts of the shed are practically untreated. But being ‘pressure treated’, it sounds good to the purchaser.

If the company pressure treated the panels after manufacturing the shed panels (hardly any do) then it would be great. Dipped treated sheds ensure every part of a shed is treated which is why we choose this method even though it takes longer to do as we dip each panel by hand.