What is rounded four corner shed framing?

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At Power we use 44x28mm framing which has rounded four corners meaning each piece of framing is rounded around the edges. This creates a nicer feeling piece of timber and also has no sharp edges unlike PSE (Planed Square Edge) which a lot of companies use.

Take a look at our video below for more information.



As you can see from this video – our framing at Power Sheds is 44mm x 28mm. It is rounded at each corner to give the framing a nice smooth finish. Many companies use PSE which means planed square edge framing where instead of being rounded at the corner, it’s very square and not as nice to handle.

When purchasing a garden shed it is worth enquiring about the size of the framing and the profile. If you buy a shed with thinner framing, this generally means it will not last as long.