How waterproof are your garden sheds?

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Our sheds are completely waterproof, provided they are installed and maintained correctly.

The only additional thing we advise you to do once you’ve assembled your Power shed would be to add some silicone to the windows and this will ensure that water cannot get in. This is advised in the instructions.

Top reasons why our sheds are waterproof:

Shiplap Cladding

Our shiplap sheds come in shiplap tongue and groove cladding which acts as a control element to direct water safely down the outside wall of the shed and not into the shed, preventing infiltration into the garden building.



Polyester Felt 

Our entire range comes with polyester felt as standard. This prevents water from getting in to the building but still allows the roof timber to breathe.


Toughened glass with PVC sills

Our windows are toughened and our shiplap sheds have PVC sills – this ensures any water running down the windows doesn’t enter the shed as the sills protect the timber.