How long does it take to install a shed?

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Building a garden shed can be quite a daunting task for those who have not done it before. Our garden sheds do come with fixings and assembly instructions to help you put it up. But, even with this, many customers often ask how long it will take them to assemble their shed. If you have not chosen to get someone to install the shed for you then, then the shed is designed so that you can install it yourself without prior knowledge. Don’t forget, this does not include the time that it takes to sort a base. Our sheds come with a floor (many competitor sheds don’t) but it still needs to sit on a firm and level base. But how long does it take to install the shed?

This does depend on your experience and skill level, but as a guide (for someone who has not put a shed up before) you are looking at around 4 hours on average.

4×4 to 8×6 sheds – 2-3 hours

10×6 to 14×6 sheds – 3-4 hours

16×6 sheds and above – 4-5 hours