How is my log cabin delivered?

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Our premium log cabins are delivered on an 26t HIAB vehicle, using a crane which is positioned on the vehicle, behind the cab. If there are any access restrictions for a vehicle of this size, please inform us as soon as possible. 

The reach of the crane can vary depending on the incline of the surrounding area and any obstacles that might be present. For this reason, we offer a kerbside delivery service, and no guarantee can be made beyond this. 

The driver will unload the cabin pack using the crane and leave it as close to your desired location as possible. This is usually a driveway; however, we do sometimes get requests for deliveries to be made over fences, gates etc. Wherever possible the driver will do this for you, however if there isn’t sufficient reach with the crane, it will be delivered somewhere more accessible. Where the driver will leave the pack is ultimately at their discretion. 

We do request that someone is present at the point of delivery. There will be one driver and having someone with knowledge of the property to advise them where to leave the pack can be very helpful. Once the driver has delivered the cabin pack, they will not be able to assist with unpacking or moving the components.