How do you fix the Gazebo or Pergola to the base?

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Fixing a Power Gazebo or Power Pergola to its base or foundation is important to ensure stability and safety. The method you use to attach the Power Gazebo and Power Pergola to the base will depend on the type of base you have chosen and the design of your Power Gazebo and Power Pergola.

The key is to ensure that it is firm, level, and capable of supporting the weight of the Power Gazebo or Power Pergola and any additional elements like furniture or plants.

Before installing your Power Gazebo or Power Pergola, it’s essential to properly prepare the chosen base. This may involve levelling the ground, adding a layer of sand or gravel, or compacting the soil to create a stable surface. The stability and levelness of the base are critical for the structural integrity of the Power Gazebo or Power Pergola and the safety of its occupants.

We provide (optional) L brackets with your Power Gazebos and Power Pergola which may be suitable for your needs.