How do I track my order?

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If you provided a mobile number with your order, you may receive an email/text on the delivery day with a two hour arrival time slot. Should your local delivery depot be able to offer this service, this email or text is sent automatically as the shed is scanned on to the vehicle. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a time slot prior to the delivery date. If you have concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

How delivery works

  • We send the shed out 2x days before your specified delivery date (or longer for post codes which are further away / offshore);
  • The shed will then be in the depot near to you in time for the delivery date you have chosen – the depot can be found here;
  • Providing you have given a mobile number, when the item is scanned onto a delivery vehicle you are sent a text from the courier – please note the item can be scanned onto a vehicle at any point throughout the day (it could be on a morning run or an afternoon run) so you may not necessarily receive a text in the morning;
  • Delivery is typically made on an 26ton or an 18ton truck unless you have specified for a smaller 7.5ton vehicle (therefore if access is an issue please let us know);
  • The approximate delivery vehicle sizes are as follows –
    18 Ton13.5′9′33′
    7.5 Ton12′8′25′
  • We do request that the driver contacts you before arriving as well;
  • Delivery can be any time between 8am and 6pm (therefore please do not arrange for installation on the same day as delivery);
  • The courier has a high delivery success rate but in the very unlikely event that we’re unable to deliver or if a problem arises, we will aim to re-arrange delivery for the following morning;
  • The shed is delivered on a pallet – delivery is moved with a pallet truck and where the driver can take it is down to the driver’s discretion (although they are usually very helpful). The pallet truck cannot take the pallet through a house or up steps for example;
  • Delivery is contactless and so the driver cannot take the shed off the pallet and move it for you.