How can I keep my log cabin well ventilated?

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As with any building, moisture and heat can build up and cause problems with the timber if not controlled properly. Ventilating your log cabin is key to ensuring condensation does not build up and lead to mould/mildew growth. 

You’ll need be aware of this as you decide on what you’ll be using your log cabin for. Any internal heat sources (electrics, fans, humans!) will add to the moisture levels inside the building, and if these are allowed to build up it could start to impact the timber in a way which could have structural repercussions. 

There are a few ways you can ventilate your log cabin to prevent this from happening: 

  1. Open the doors and windows: Our cabins are provided with ‘tilt and turn’ uPVC windows, allowing you to ensure a steady airflow which will help ventilate your log cabin. 
  2. Vents:  It’s common for customers to undertake work to install a wall vent after their cabin has been assembled. As these do not require power, they’re a popular passive option for ensuring your cabin stays well ventilated. 
  3. Electric Fan/Whirligig: Depending on what you’ll be using the cabin for, these can be very good options for keeping the air moving and preventing the build-up of moisture in your log cabin. Electric fans can be a good option if you plan on running power to your cabin, or a Whirligig is a fantastic power-free solution! These are installed in the roof, usually towards the center, and utilize a wind-turbine to force airflow into the building.