Do you offer an installation service for the log cabins?

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We do not currently offer assembly of our products.

Depending on your area we may be able to recommend someone who has previously built one of our buildings, but they are not affiliated with our company and any arrangement made with them would be at the customers discretion. If you’re interested, please provide us with your post code we can investigate this for you. Otherwise, we would recommend finding a reliable local handyman.

We do have an installation directory for sheds and log cabins.

It’s worth noting that we’ve set out to make the assembly of our log cabins as simple as possible for even the most inexperienced DIYer. Every log cabin comes with comprehensive instructions, designed to help you through every step in as straightforward way as possible. We advise making sure any installer thoroughly reads the full instructions prior to starting assembly. 

If you do want to build the log cabin yourself and have any questions, you can reach out to our team at or on 01274 036 577 (08:00-16:30, Mon-Fri – excluding bank holidays). 

We also have an installation video on our website which may help you understand how installation works –