Are the garden sheds ventilated?

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Our Power Apex garden buildings have a small ventilation gap at the top of the apex under the roof overhang for ventilation. The roof overhang protects the shed from water ingress but innovatively allows condensation to escape.

Our Power Pent garden buildings can be ventilated under the roof overhang on the low side. However, you would need to ensure you do not install the low side soffit on the underside of the roof if you do want ventilation. We supply the low side soffit as some customers want the gap covering, but either way is fine.

Why Garden Building Ventilation is Important

Airflow is important to both the longevity and overall comfort inside of your building. Proper airflow is required to prevent mildew and chemical fume build-up. If mildew is allowed to build this can lead to timber walls slowly rotting, stored goods to smell and grow mould and electrical equipment to degrade. Whilst fumes from chemicals such as fuels, solvents and pesticides can lead to sickness in humans and pets.

Airflow is also important for the overall comfort of your garden building. Good airflow provides better temperature control and an overall drier atmosphere, making time spent inside your building a more pleasant experience.

Garden building ventilation is key to preventing these concerns especially in smaller sheds due to the lesser volume of air inside.

Additional Ventilation:

If you would like to further ventilate your shed we have compiled a list of different options you can look into. Please note Power Sheds does not offer any ventilation options..


Wall Vents 

Wall vents are one of the most popular ways to induce good air circulation. Once installed they provide a healthy supply of air into and out of the shed. You could even opt for multiple wall vents to maximise airflow.

Venting Skylight 

Venting skylights not only offer fresh air into your shed but also another light source. There are different designs of venting skylights such as openable windows or fixed vents that protect the inside of your shed from the weather elements while promoting airflow.

Powered Gable Vent 

Powered gable vents are a great way of providing airflow whilst being able to control and reduce flow as you wish. For example in the colder months you may want less airflow if you were spending long periods inside your shed.