What is the difference between your sheds/summerhouses and your log cabins?

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We manufacture a wide range of garden buildings, including a variety of sheds and our Apex and Pent log cabin ranges. 

Our shed range includes our Summerhouses, Security, Potting and Bike Sheds. These are all made using 12mm cladding and our 28x56mm rounded framing. The shed comes in pre-made panels which you would then assemble to create the full shed. 

Our log cabin range is a bit meatier, utilizing 44mm thick timber logs which are notched at the corners so that layers can be built up one piece at a time, and connected using a double tongue and groove for real stability! 

If you’d like to discuss which may be the best option for you, please call our team on 01274 036 577 (Mon – Fri, 08:00-16:30) and we’ll be happy to help!