What can I use my log cabin for?

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Our log cabins have a wide range of uses, with customers constantly surprising us with their innovative creations. The 44mm thick logs and PVC windows and doors provide a lot of natural insulation, making these buildings perfect for year-round use! Here are just a few of the ways you can use your log cabin: 

Office Space – With the growing trend for working from home, a lot of customers are finding that our cabins provide the perfect little bit of extra space so that you can work in peace. The 44mm thick logs and PVC windows/doors provide natural sound insulation so you won’t get distracted! 

Spare Room – You may find that if you have regular visitors throughout the year, a spare room can really come in handy! Having somewhere to house the kids when they visit, friends when they stay for a few days too long, or a space where the grandkids can run wild is a commodity in today’s society.  

Gym – One of the most popular uses for our Log Cabins is as a home gym/exercise space. With superior headroom it’s an incredible versatile space and will ensure you don’t fall out of your routine when the cold weather creeps in! 

Treatment Room – Whether you specialize in nails, brows, or other beauticians’ services, why not consider one of our Log Cabins as the next step for your growing business?  

Art/Crafting Studios – For those craving their own space to work on their art, crafts or perfect a plethora of other projects, why not look at our log cabins? 

Sensory Spaces – We understand that it’s not always easy to find a space where you can create a haven for your loved one who may need something a bit special. We’ve been amazed at some of the sensory rooms created using our cabins, and the untreated colour of the walls can be maintained to create a beautiful blank canvas for various projectors/light shows.