Why should I regularly check the base of my log cabin?

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The base is the foundation of your log cabin and ensuring this is installed correctly to begin with is the best protection you can provide your building. You’ll want to ensure the base is completely level and sturdy enough to take the weight of the cabin you have purchased. 

Treating the tanalised timber bearers and the underside of the floorboards prior to installation is a great way to ensure the longevity of the timber, and we advise getting a few coats on before proceeding with the rest of your build. 

We provide one 5L container of Protek Wood Preserver ++ and suggest using a high-quality treatment should you wish to source your own. 

It’s worth regularly checking your base, just by taking a look at it from all sides and keeping an eye out for any areas where it may have dropped, or the wood looks compromised. Resolving a base issue early on will drastically reduce the impact this could have on your cabin.