Is the timber treated on the log cabins?

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The log cabins come completely untreated, except the pressure treated floor bearers. The extremely precise machining of the logs, which is required to ensure the perfect fit, require the building to be treated after assembly rather than before. Treating the logs before you install the cabin may result in the components not fitting correctly as it can cause the timber to expand.  

Some components are okay to treat prior to installation, such as the pressure treated bearers, floor, and roof boards. In fact, there are some areas that will be much hard to treat annually, so try to get a few coats prior to assembly on to ensure the longevity of your building.  

Once the rest of your cabin is assembled you can treat it using any high quality, oil or solvent based preserver. We advise treating both the inside and outside of your cabin to maintain our 10 Year Guarantee on the timber. Take extra care to brush treatment into all wooden components inside and outside.  

We recommend a well-known brand such as Protek and provide a free, 5L container of Protek Wood Preserver ++ with every log cabin to get you started! You may require more than this for your log cabin, and we recommend a high-end brand such as Protek. 

You can purchase Protek preserver directly from their site: 

How much preserver you will need will depend on the size of your cabin, the preserver used, the method of application and the number of coats applied. Always refer to the suppliers’ directions on usage when assessing how much preserver you will need.