Are there any exceptions on how I can assemble a Powersheds building?

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Our sheds are modular, and this allows you to decide on the layout when you assemble the building as opposed to when you place your order.

However, it’s important to understand the restrictions determined by the panel sizes, such as on our 7×5 model.

The 7×5 features a single door on a 3ft Panel, as opposed to a 4ft panel, to allow it to be placed on either the 7′ or 5′ sides. This means a 2ft blank panel is supplied to make up the rest of the 5′ end, as we do not supply a 2ft window panel.

As a result, you cannot have the 4ft window panel on the 5′ end, or the door and window panel together on the 5′ end.

You are also unable to upgrade to double doors on the 7×5 models, as they would not fit on a 3′ panel.

If you have questions about your desired layout and what can be achieved, please contact our advisors and they’ll be happy to discuss your options with you. They can be reached on 01274 036 577, Mon – Fri (excluding bank holidays).